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Many initial consultations are less than 60 minutes and provided at no charge at the law offices of Kathleen Vaught, P.C. Vaught’s mission is to let you, the client, know how the law can benefit  you and how you can use it to protect your rights. Before beginning any type of service, she will meet you one-on-one to determine exactly what you need and provide you with your legal options.

Legal Services include:

Liquidation and Reorganization Plans

The process in which a company is brought to an end, and the assets and property are redistributed.

Chapter 7

(For Businesses and Consumers)

Assets (minus exemptions) are sold by a trustee and the proceeds used to pay expenses and creditors. To qualify for Chapter 7, individuals must pass a means test. Click here for more information.

Chapter 13

An interest-free debt repayment plan through which debts are consolidated and payments are made on your debt over a 3 to 5 year period. This type of bankruptcy is often used to protect assests from foreclosure or to save a car from repossession. Click here for more information.

Bankruptcy, Repossessions and Garnishments

Failure to make repayments could lead to mortgage companies taking back a home, losing a car and  possessions being taken to be sold to pay off debts. Repayments through a Chapter 13 can be ordered by the court.

Real Estate Transactions – Purchases and Sales

All the legal work involved in selling and buying a home.

Business Transactions including Corporations and LLC’s

All business transactions, whether they are with corporations or limited liability companies.

Foreclosure Defense

Defending clients at risk of losing their homes for non payment of mortgages.

Dissolution of Marriage

Divorce and Post Decree Issues

Probate and Trusts

Advice and assistance regarding wills, the legal document stating how assets should be distributed after death; trusts, separate legal entities that protect property and assets from probate, taxes or public scrutiny and living wills, wishes on life prolonging medical treatments.


Mediation and Law go hand in hand. A neutral voice in disputes and disagreements to help all parties reach a solution.